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Evicted six ADC members are first refugees of state: Amu Kamei

Evicted six ADC members are first refugees of state: Amu Kamei
ADC members speaking to media persons

IMPHAL | Sept 13 : ADC members have questioned the reliability and rationality of the state government and the officials concerned and further hinted of a personal interest in the recent problem faced by the ADC members at Khuman Lampak.

“Suppression is the cause of revolution and the six ADC members are the first refugees of the state,” said president of Zeliangrong Union of Assam, Manipur and Nagaland, Amu Kamei while speaking to media persons at Khuman Lampak today.

While condemning and clarifying the allegations made against the ADC members as illegal occupants, he said the ADCs have been occupying the quarter with an order from the government.

“If the doors of the quarters are not open very soon, civil organisations from hills and valleys will be compelled to break the lock,” said Amu.

The government speaks about integrity verbally but their action shows no sign of integrity, and the ADC members who are elected by the people have a big role in bridging the gap between the hills and the valleys, he added.

Regarding the NSCN framework agreement, Amu said the emphasis given by the media to the issue has made the issue larger and with that they are on the verge of receiving their demand.

He also said that ‘sixth schedule’ is already implemented in many other tribal occupying states whereas in Manipur it is not implemented till date. The delay in its implementation can become a factor in breaking the integrity of the state, he added.

He also said that since the sixth schedule is not implemented in the state, the ADC members cannot stay in the hills because of tension thereby shifting to the valley but they are chased out again.

He appealed the state government to do the needful in a short time.

President of Naga Peoples Union Imphal, M. Ngaranmi also said the act of the state government is an unlawful eviction and further alleged that tribal are suppressed.

While speaking about the allegations made by sports department that the presence of ADC members in the sports complex can possess a threat to the sports persons, Ngaranmi said the department has to request and consult the government first and they do not have the authority to order the ADC members.

He further said even in the past one ADC member was killed while going Ukhrul and knowing the risk faced by the ADC members, the government have allotted them the quarter in Khuman Lampak.

He also said the government should vacate the ADC quarter in Sangakpham because the ADC members do not have the power to ask the old members to leave. ADC members are not ordinary citizens who can stay anywhere because of the threat they face, he added.

ADC member, Ngaranchui R. Shimray said that a number of requests and appeals have been submitted already but the action of the government is out of expectation.

A representative of United Committee Manipur, B.M. Yaima Saha questioned the government whether the ADC members occupy the quarters by force or was it allotted by the government. He said the act of the government is an insult to the ADC members.

Yaima requested the government to settle the problem very soon and it will help in bringing a positive result in the present condition of the society.

Vice-president of Zeliangrong Union, R. Chandra Haomei said the state government should treat the ADC members with respect but instead they are given step motherly treatment.

The children and women have suffered a lot and the present condition of the ADC members and their families is equal with those homeless people sleeping near the railway station, he added.

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