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Don't be afraid to lose anyone who doesn't feel lucky to be with you

Don't be afraid to lose anyone who doesn't feel lucky to be with you

Don't be afraid to lose anyone who doesn't feel lucky to be with you
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Those who aren't looking for you when you're lost, who don't miss you when you're away, who don't care whether or not they will share their daily lives with you, don't really care about you . They do not appreciate and love you as much as you love them. And unfortunately the love of one is not enough to save the two. You can't change a person and you shouldn't want that to happen.

Your destiny may bring people to your life, but it is you who will decide who and for how long. The truth can hurt, but it hurts only the first time you hear it. On the contrary, the lies that stroke your ears may throw temporary ashes into your eyes, but they hurt every time you remember them once you discover them.

In life three things go away and never go back. Time goes by, the words you said or didn't say and the opportunities you didn't grab. So give value to anyone who counts on you and shows you in practice that he loves you and doesn't treat anyone who treats you as an alternative to you.

Get away from people who are liars, negatives, people who judge you and want to change you, people who disrespect you and blame you for what goes wrong.

At times, those who win the treasures of life are not the ones who struggle with all they are. It is they who understand when it is the right time to give up a meaningless fight. In a losing battle, the insistence is not always won; Fight and claim what you want, but only what you deserve. Not everything that makes you question the importance of your being.

Many will tell you that it takes a lot of courage to fight to stay in a state of need. But if all you do is try and that never works? If you get to the point of being the only one fighting for something involving two? How much longer will you try to glue two-person pieces? It takes a lot more courage sometimes to find the guts to say the end first.

It is not enough for you to just accept your blame and to take your share of responsibility. Even if you do not fall for something as great as your soul and want to show why you love the man you have against you, at some point all this effort will simply ruin you. You will begin to lose yourself. Why doesn't she want me anymore? Wasn't that enough? What did I do wrong; Thoughts like these will plague your mind and drown your soul. Every healthy part of her will get sick until she gets sick.

Is there any real meaning to this? Get lost in the vortex of this endeavor? It is not easy to realize, but sooner or later you will be at the crossroads of this dilemma. Continue to pause until the other person does his / her turn and give you what is left of his / her decisions or save yourself and get out of this ill condition?

Get rid of people who are toxic in your life and don't be afraid to show who you really are. Do not hold within yourself what you feel. Feelings are vindictive. They hide until the storm breaks, and lurk in the shadows to make their reappearance in no time. Wherever you think the problem is over, they will come back and haunt you. When you reach all your will to try to turn into anger and indignation, then nothing will go right.

The painful things can happen often and hide beautiful principles within them. New chapters that will be waiting for you in your life. Don't be afraid to take risks and say the end you need. If you give up something moderately good, you will find the best. Moderates are for the mediocre and you are not one of them. The biggest prison in which we close ourselves is the opinion of others about us. If your decision, however, gives you the peace of mind you have been seeking for a long time, then weigh things up again.

Everything happens for some reason. People change to learn to leave what is destroying us. Things go wrong to appreciate when they are going well. And sometimes our security is shattered to find the courage to claim everything we deserve. True love does not neglect you, does not disappoint you, and does not abuse you. Love yourself and stay away from any such situation.

Source : lifehack.org

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