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Do you see the Perpetual Diamond moving? Optical illusion is tricking your brain - Watch

Do you see the Perpetual Diamond moving? Optical illusion is tricking your brain - Watch
Washington​: Optical illusions are popular on social media. The craze for illusions makes them go viral on social media - from a pink show that looks blue to many to the pair of white ballerina shoes which appeared to be photoshopped.

A new optical illusion called the Perpetual Diamond has gone viral on Twitter. A purple diamond on a grey background is confusing many. Netizens find that the diamond is moving in different directions, even though it stays completely still on the screen.

The optical illusion was created by researchers Oliver Flynn and Arthur Shapiro from the American University in Washington DC, BBC reported.

Take a look at the Perpetual Diamond optical illusion here:

Sharipo took to Twitter to share the optical illusion. He asked people to "see how far away you can be from your screen before the effect goes away."

One user said, "Far enough to confirm that I quit this challenge."

While another wrote, "About six metres away."

A third user commented, "Also interesting: How much of the diamond do you need to see for the effect to work (scroll down so you can only see a little)."

A series of lights flashing in the background has tricked the minds of netizens into thinking that the diamond moves up, down, left and right despite it never physically changing location. The researchers explained that the mind-boggling illusion is created because of the flashing grey background and the thin borders of the diamond.

They said that the illusion is a "valuable tool for tests of spatial contrast, temporal contrast, contrast gain, and color contrast."

Do you see the diamond moving?

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