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Despite having wealth of crores, these 5 superstars enjoy the journey of public transport!

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1. Salman Khan

Despite having wealth of crores, these 5 superstars enjoy the journey of public transport!
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Bollywood film actor Salman Khan has performed brilliantly in a lot of Bollywood films. People all over India like them. Despite Salman Khan having assets worth crores, these actors sometimes travel in public transport. On many occasions he are seen in auto rickshaws.

2. Hrithik Roshan

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Hrithik Roshan, who is said to be the most handsome actor in the whole World, has given many superhit films in Bollywood. Despite being a rich actor, Hrithik Roshan loves to travel in public transport.

3. Tiger Shroff

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Handsome actor Tiger Shroff of Bollywood film industry likes to live in a very simple way. He has done excellent work in many Bollywood films. They have no shortage of money. But this actor does not refrain from traveling in public transport.

4. Ranveer Singh

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Ranveer Singh, popular as the most energetic actor in the Indian film industry, has performed well in many films. They have a lot of expensive cars. Even after so much wealth, this actor loves to travel in public transport.

5. Varun Dhawan

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Varun Dhawan is known as a very handsome actor. She has acted in a lot of superhit films in Bollywood. This actor has no shortage of money since childhood. But these actors enjoy traveling in public transport.

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bassss dikhawa hi karte raho.. kuch karein na karein . sansani zaroor banayenge. maine ye kiya , maine wo kiya. phaatttt sab bakwaas

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The pic of Hrithik Roshan is when shooting the bus scene in Bang Bang

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Pehle apna English tik karo bhai!!!!

6 Months ago

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