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Cursed Village Of India Where No Baby Has Been Born From The Past 50 Years!

Can you imagine of a place where babies have not been born since so many years? There is a village in Indian where people claim that since past 50 years no new child birth has taken place.

This is the story of a not-so-famous village in India where the residents claim that child birth was not encouraged in the village since the past 50 years.

So check out on more details about the so-called cursed village of India...

Cursed Village Of India Where No Baby Has Been Born From The Past 50 Years!

This Village Is In MP

The village is present in Madhya Pradesh, which is situated 70 km away from Bhopal. The place is not famous, as the population here includes only the elders and adults in the society.

The Belief

Villagers believe that even if any childbirth takes place in this village, then he/she will not be able to survive and the chances of the newborn dying soon are way too strong. They also claim that the baby may be born as a handicap.

The History Of The Village

According to the locals, there was a temple of Lord Krishna in the village. To retain the purity of the village, the head of the village asked the deliveries of the babies be done outside the village and since then the practice has been followed.

The Village Head Reveals...

The head of this village who is over 50 years old claims that he has never seen or heard of any news of the child's birth in this village since 50 years.

The Change Is Here...

After so many years, the villagers have opened up to change these norms. Hence, they constructed a labour room where pregnant women can safely deliver their babies.

Isn't it an interesting change? Do let us know what is your take on this in the comment section below.

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