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Cuddling your lover can make her addicted to you

Cuddling your lover can make her addicted to you
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If you have a lover and you don't want to loose her, so here is a one thing that you can do which will her addicted to you and that is cuddling. It can help you to build a long lasting relationship, it can make your partner loyal for life time, it is same as giving her kiss on her forehead before leaving.

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Cuddling release some substance in brain which can make you feel good. No couple will deny that cuddling can build closeness in their relation ship, but some of them will not believe that cuddling actually can make them addicted to each other. Here is a scientific reason behind that, when you cuddle your partner at that time your brain release a hormone which known as oxytocin. This hormone produce feelings of happiness, warmth, and love. It basically make us feel good. So when you cuddle your partner she feels good because of this hormone. So now on when you meet her don't forget to give her a cuddle.

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