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Countries with highest casualities in the second world war

# 9 Philippines 1,057,000

During World War II, Japan attacked the Philippines in December 1941

Countries with highest casualities in the second world war
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# 8 French Indochina 1,500,000

Under French Indochina in 1954, French, Laos and Cambodia were under occupation. Japan attacked in 1940 because they had demanded to build strategic military bases, after allowing the Nazis to sign an agreement to France, Japan allowed its bases to be built in the area.

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# 7 India 2,587,000

India declared war on Nazi Germany in 1939. India sent 2 million soldiers to fight Axis Powers.

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# 6 Japan 2,700,000

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# 5 Dutch East Indies 4,000,000

When the Japan attacked Indonesia at the end of 1941 and in the beginning of 1942, the Royal Dutch East Indies Army was largely abolished and lost soon.

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# 4 Poland 5,820,000

During World War II, almost 22% of Poland's population had died, and 3 million died from the Jews being killed in the catastrophe.

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3. Germany 8,680,000

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# 2 China 20,000,000

 During the six-week period, the Japanese army killed thousands of unarmed civilians

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# 1. Soviet Union 23,400,000

During the war of Stalingrad alone, ten million people died

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