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Color X-Rays Can Help You Get More Accurate Diagnoses

The radiographs color and third dimension , they're a reality!

Using technology developed by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), a New Zealand company first explored a human body with a color medical scanner, which allowed for clear and precise images.

Color X-Rays Can Help You Get More Accurate Diagnoses
Third party image reference

Phil and Anthony Butler, researchers at the universities of Canterbury and Otago, in New Zealand, spent 10 years building and refining this product based on CERN's Medipix3 technology, which identifies different components of body parts such as fat, water, calcium and disease markers.

In presenting this technological breakthrough, CERN pondered its usefulness in cases as relevant as those of cancer patients, since "this color X-ray imaging technique could produce very high resolution images and sharp contrast to help physicians to Give your patients more accurate diagnoses. "

Third party image reference

Scientists from the European laboratory, dedicated to atomic physics, explained that Medipix is ​​a family of reading chips for images and detection particles that function as a camera, detecting and counting each individual particle that hits the pixels when the electronic shutter is open . Hence, you can have images that no other image tool can achieve.

Third party image reference

MARS Bioimaging Ltd . is the company that is marketing the 3D scan to which orthopedic and rheumatology patients in New Zealand will undergo a clinical trial in the coming months.

"It is always satisfying to see our work taking advantage of the benefits for patients around the world," said Aurélie Pezous, CERN Knowledge Transfer Officer.

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