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Check Out These Hacks To Avoid Leg Cramps When Wearing High Heels

If you wear heels for a longer duration, chances are you might suffer from sore foot, blisters, and cramps. Here are some hacks to avoid painful cramps

Check Out These Hacks To Avoid Leg Cramps When Wearing High Heels

Your cabinet has at least one pair of high-heels that are kept specifically for a special occasion. Standing out in your shoe rack, that expensive high-heel boasts of its ravishing beauty amidst regular comfy footwear. While those shoes stole your heart away, at first sight, this pair might also be creating havoc on your feet from time to time. Do not worry, as here are some of the hacks by which you can prevent leg cramps.

1. Wear heels for a shorter duration

Try to wear heels for as less time as you can. Excessive use leads to a change in body posture. Heels impact calve muscles by shortening them and tend to thicken and tighten your tendons. You may carry comfortable flats or sneakers to the office when you have to walk long distances.

2. Shoes with less height

Considering all the consequences, high-heels create more pressure on your forefoot. So, prefer wearing heels with less height. You can opt for heels which are not more than two inches high. This will provide you with the required comfort and will hurt less.

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3. Thicker heels are better

For better stability and balance for a longer duration, thicker heels are way better. They are quite supportive and reduce the amount of stress on the ball of your foot. For a rounded off look, go for the chunky heels.

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5. Stretching exercises to the rescue

After a long day, no matter which footwear you opt for, it is important to stretch your muscles. Often sore due to the long duration of wearing heels, your muscles need to release out all the stress. You may pamper yourself with a foot massage or a spa. Moreover, pick up your stretching routine when you can work your thigh muscles, apart from the calve muscles in the morning or evening after work.

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6. Roll your ankles

Blisters and swelling apart, your legs have to go through a lot to alleviate the stiffness caused by heels. You may roll your ankles once in an hour or two, while at work. This will help reduce muscle tightening which is a consequence of wearing heels on a regular basis.

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