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Caring Less to Others' Opinions is the Key to Being Happier

We humans are always looking for formulas, no matter how human we are. Okay, this pun was not the best, but it's very true.

Notice: there is a formula for love , happiness, the highest grade in the evaluation, the perfect point of the master… We seek formulas because, in the end, we are all looking for results : to know what it is to live a great passion, to escape from routine, pass the entrance exam, eat a handsome brigadier.

Faced with so many equations for a full and perfect life, it is normal to have some doubts - especially if you are human! Midway, whoever you thought you might add has decreased. Who you wanted to multiply divided you .

When you were content to be a problem with no solution (and were quite happy, thank you very much), someone went there, pointed a finger in your direction and smothered you with a whole bunch of numbers.

Caring Less to Others' Opinions is the Key to Being Happier
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If we are infinite, why do people insist on quantifying things, people and situations?

Even those who say they don't get along with numbers insist on staying in common sense. How much did you take in the test? How much do you earn from salary? Have you kissed all this from people? How many followers do you have on social networks? How many times have you dated? How did you never do that ?! It's about time to do that! How much, how much, how much…

Mathematics is an exact science, but these formulas we seek may be anything but logical. Or even rational. The mistake is to set a limit, especially time, for everything.

People worry too much about the outcome, about the end of the equation, when, in fact, they should be enjoying its progress.

The mistakes, the hits, the hours breaking the head. That's all that really makes a difference, teaches you, helps you evolve.

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The solution is not to quantify. There is no right age to live something. There is no right age to give the first or last kiss, to have the first or the last time. There is no such thing as comparing experiences, people, grades or salaries .

Each of us has our own equation, our own formula. There is no point in wanting to paste the person next door or try to replicate it. It is unique and non-transferable, and only you can find the ideal result.

Some people will want to opine? Go. Will they try to say that this is not the correct result? For sure. The formula is simply not to call. Or call less at first and then get more and more free.

So slowly these other people's judgments will be less important - and you will be much happier as a result. You bet!

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