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Can you solve these questions? Mind Teaser

have prepared a few brain teasers to test your wits and attentiveness. If you find them too hard to crack, consider yourself that you're not born genius. Sorry! Drop your answers in the comment box.

  1. Solve this if you are genius!
Can you solve these questions? Mind Teaser
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2. This question is for those who thinks he himself a genius.

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3. Do you consider yourself that you are smart enough? Then this question is for you.

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4. Don't let yourself down. Never give up.

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5. I you fall behind, run faster, never give up, never surrender and rise up against the odds.

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Take a deep breath, close your eyes and meditate for 3 minutes, your brain needs oxygen.

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2nd answer 1 count the circles in the numbers in 8801, 8 has 2 circles and 0 has 1 so 2 eights and one zero makes 5 similarly 5261 has 1 in 6 9632 has 2 in 9 and 6 6381 has 3 in 6 and 8(two) hence, 6321 = (1 in 6) Yes pretty lame.

1 Months ago


I solved the others except no 4

1 Months ago


1ST ONE ANSWER IS 6 because 3×3=9 (9 -3 =6 )

9 Days ago

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