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Bollywoods 10 Beautiful actresses have started Looking old, No 1 Unrecognizable. SHOCKING!

Hello friends and welcome! Friends,There are many Actresses who ruled over millions of hearts with their beauty. But beauty fades with age and as they say everyone has to grow old these Bollywood beauties also had to grow old. So in this post today, we are going to tell you about 10 beautiful actresses of Indian cinema, who are now old. So let's know about them.

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10) Amrita Singh

Bollywoods 10 Beautiful actresses have started Looking old, No 1 Unrecognizable. SHOCKING!
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Amrita Singh started her film career with Sunny Deol's film Betab, released in 1983. Amrita Singh looked beautiful during her youth, Saif Ali Khan married her for her gorgeous looks. But now she is starting to look old. Amrita Singh is now seen as a mother in most films. She is the real mother or actress Sara Ali Khan. She is 61 years old now.

9) Reena Roy

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One of the most beautiful actresses of her time, Reena Roy no longer looks as beautiful as before. Reena Roy now looks old. Let me tell you that Reena Roy was last seen in the film Refugee along with Jr Bachchan. She is 62 years old now.

8) Anita Raj

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Anita Raj started her film career with the film Prem Geet. Anita Raj's film was a box office hit. Anita Raj is starting to look like an old woman today she is 57 years old. She was last seen in TV show Ek tha Raja Ek thi Rani in 2017.

7) Sonu Walia

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Actress Sonu Walia, who has worked in many great films like Tehelka, Teja, Hatim Tai, has not been seen in Bollywood for the last 11 years.

6) Bindiya Goswami

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Beautiful actress Bindiya Goswami was the queen of peoples hearts in the era of 70s and 80s, People were a huge fan of her gorgeous bige eyes and cute smile. She is starting to look like an old woman today. She is 58 years in age now.

5) Mandakini

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Bollywood actress Mandakini started her film career with the film Ram Tere Ganga Maili Ho Gaya. This film Mandakini became famous overnight. In the 90s, the beauty of Mandakini used to be discussed all over the country but with the passage of time old age has come to dominate her beauty. Now she is not the same as before as she is turned 50 this year.

4) Ranjeeta Kaur

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Bollywood actress Ranjeeta Kaur started her film career with Rishi Kapoor in the film Laila Majnu. Ranjeeta Kaur's film was a box office hit. Ranjeeta Kaur acted in a total of 47 films in her film career. Today, Ranjeeta Kaur seems to be an old woman as she is 63 years old.

3) Sadhna Singh

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Actress Sadhna Singh, who gave superhit film like Nadia Ke Paar, does not look as beautiful as before. Sadhana Singh is an Indian film and television actor. Sadhana was born in the ancient city of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. She is now 57 years old.

2) Revathi

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In the film 'Love' released in 1991, Revathi played the opposite role of Salman Khan. But Revathi is starting to look old today. Today, Revathi mostly plays the role mother in films. She is 53 years old now.

1) Anu Aggarwal

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It will be difficult to recognize the beautiful actress Anu Aggarwal who got fame in Bollywood from the 90s film Aashiqui. Anu Aggarwal has not appeared in Bollywood films for the last several years. She is 50 years old now.

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bullshit no. 2 now is correct then is someone else photo

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In no.2 left is southindian beautiful actresses Padmapriya and right is Revathy madam

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second is some one'else۔ not Revathi

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