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Bigg Boss 11 - Zubair Khan to Hina Khan: Contestants that made Salman Khan lose his cool

Contestants in the Bigg Boss house had a lot of fights among themselves. However, some of the contestants tested host Salman Khan's patience at several times that made him lose his cool and he lashed at the housemates.

Bigg Boss 11 - Zubair Khan to Hina Khan: Contestants that made Salman Khan lose his cool

Bigg Boss 11 has finally reached its finale and the top four contestants for this season are Shilpa Shinde, Vikas Gupta, Hina Khan and Puneesh Sharma.

The season has been one of the craziest and controversial seasons so far. The celebrities and commoners didn't leave any chance to provide drama daily. However, a lot of times situations in the house turned very serious which annoyed the host of the show Salman Khan during the Weekend Ka Vaar episodes.

There have been instances where Salman Khan yelled at the housemates for their wrong behaviour in the house. Also, several times, the contestants even argued with Salman when he tried to give them a piece of advice.

Have a look at the contestants who clashed with Salman Khan in the show:

Zubair Khan

Salman Khan was very angry at Zubair Khan for his cheap comments he made on the women in the house for their dressing sense and style of living. The superstar lost his cool completely and raised his voice on Zubair.

He even warned the contestants in the show that no one will talk about anyone's status, sexuality, sexual preference and religion.

Priyank Sharma

Salman was upset with Priyank in the beginning of the show for pushing Akash Dadlani in the house and it is against the rules. He evicts Priyank from the show. However, Priyank re-enters the show after a few weeks.

In one of the episode, Priyank body-shames Shilpa and Arshi and makes fun of their weight. Salman scolds Priyank for disrespecting women and Priyank agrees his mistake and apologises.

Hina Khan

Salman and Hina argued several times during the Weekend Ka Vaar episode. Hina had accused Arshi Khan of spitting on her face. Salman slams the actress for lying about it.

When Priyank passed comments on Shilpa and Arshi's weight, Hina was present in the same room. Salman questions her that why didn't she stop Priyank when he fat-shamed those two ladies. Hina, however, argues that she told Priyank not to say anything like that. She even tells Salman that is she supposed to take responsibility for everyone in the house. The Tubelight actor gives it back to her by saying that the show doesn't revolve around her and she should not give herself so much importance.

In another episode, Salman yelled at Hina as the actress keeps changing her statements and keeps denying whatever controversial statements she had said in the house.

Arshi Khan

When Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde fought in the house, Salman tried to solve their issues. But it didn't work. When Shilpa's mother visited the house, everyone except Arshi greeted her. Arshi stood in the kitchen and called Shilpa 'waahiyaadaurat' when Shilpa's mother was present in the house. Arshi did this as she thought that Shilpa disrespected her father and gave him a weird look. Salman told Arshi that Shilpa didn't disrespect her father, however, Arshi accused Salman of favouring Shilpa.

Akash Dadlani

When Akash Dadlani failed to win the task, he was very upset and lost his patience. When Salman called him and Puneesh at the Sultani Akhada, Akash showed the least interest in the task. He told Salman that he isn't interested and will be out of the house soon and doesn't talk to Salman properly. Salman gets upset and walks out of the Sultani Akhada and tells Akash that he has really lost everything.

Vikas Gupta

Salman lashed out at Vikas for trying to involve other housemates in his personal fight with Shilpa that had started even before they entered the house. The superstar also called his act of breaking out of the house as a 'cowardice act'.

Puneesh Sharma and Shilpa Shinde

Salman yells at Puneesh for wasting food during his fight with Akash. He also scolds Shilpa for letting Puneesh waste food and not even trying to stop.

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