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Beyonce Just Copied Deepika Padukone Cannes Look

Beyonce Just Copied Deepika Padukone Cannes Look
Image source Instagram

You might have seen and heard this many times when Bollywood Diwas has copied the Hollywood star's dress, but it is hardly seen that someone who is celebrating Hollywood celebrities is copying B Town Diwa. Recently there has been something similar that shows that Hollywood stars also monitor the fashion sense of B-Town Dias and follow them.

Image source Instagram

Popstar Beyonce gave a brilliant performance at the recent Global Citizen Festival in South Africa. During this time, she was wearing a Pink Color coatore gown, which is from the collection of Ash Studios.

Image source Instagram

To complete her look, the Beyonce has kept the light Make-up and hair open. With this they have carved silver pump heels and hoop earrings. At the same time, she has put a matching pink lipstick on the dress, which is quite fond of them.

Image source Instagram

Deepika wore such beans like Beyoncé during the Cannes Film Festival in France. To make up for this look, she made Macy Bee. In Footwear, she wore matching yellow heels.

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Kirti bharbada

deepika is looks very beautiful in this dress

7 Months ago


Anyone can wear same dress. I dont understand why people make it such an issue out of it.

6 Months ago


I think Beyonce look gorgeous in that dress 🥀🌹

6 Months ago

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