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Beauty of black & white

Beauty of black & white
Santosh Korthiwada’s works
Goethe Zentrum organised a photo exhibition of Santosh Korthiwada titled ‘Consciousness’ at its premises in Banjara Hills. The exhibition has display of black and white images like a ‘Diptych’ painting (i.e. two images kept next to each other). For Santosh, this exhibition is a big homecoming from the advanced studies that he is pursuing at San Francisco.
Since childhood Santosh has always been interested in arts and never concentrated on studies. He never got the required support from his family who always wanted him to pursue a career in some professional studies. Somehow, he managed to study arts before finally managing to pool up the required money to travel abroad and fulfill his dream interest in photography.
The present exhibition is all about black and white images. Santosh enjoys taking pictures with a film camera and develops the negatives and the prints in his ‘dark room’ in San Francisco. The main reason to keep two different images in a ‘Diptych’ is the thought process to explore the range of ‘viewers mind’ about two different subjects coming close and creating a different identity.
These images challenge the minds of the viewers and make them think about the possibilities and the different perspectives about the coming together of two totally different images. Is there any particular reason for such display? No for sure. Except for the fact that it’s a process of creative art which can bring many unknown and hidden thoughts, which could also become and point of discussion and relevance to the happenings in society. It is how one can relate these images to the happenings in society.
Santosh has deep interest in teaching and looks forward to taking up a career as a teacher apart from pursuing professional assignments of photography.
What: Photography exhibition
Where: Goethe Zentrum
When: Until August 6
By Jaywant Naidu

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