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Beauty Hacks That Will Probably Change Your Life

You Know we girls have a duty, it goes on like- this ended today, and that ended today. So, to maintain your beauty I've brought some awesome hacks for you. These hacks will make your life easier.

Beauty Hacks That Will Probably Change Your Life
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1.Apply Blush Without Brush:

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If you have to apply blush, but your brush is missing, then you can apply it by using cotton. Now, you have a question about how will you blend it? You can blend it by using its other side. This blends the blush well.

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2.Remove Nail Paint Without Nail Paint Remover:

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Glitter nail paint is so easy to apply but too difficult to remove. If you want to remove your glitter or even normal nail paint only in one go. So, apply a thin coat of fevicol on your nails before applying the nail paint. After drying, apply your glitter nail paint. This hack makes easy to remove your nail paint even without thinner.

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3.Chewing Gum Stuck In Hair:

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It becomes so disgusting when a chewing gum stuck in your hair. How will you remove it from your hair? Just take some kerosene oil on cotton and remove that chewing gum by keep rubbing. This makes so easy for you to remove the chewing gum and there's no hair breakage at all. Now, wash your hair.

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