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'Beautiful Silicone Ladies' Brothel in Turin Stayed Open for Less Than 2 Weeks

'Beautiful Silicone Ladies' Brothel in Turin Stayed Open for Less Than 2 Weeks

Merely nine days after its opening, a sex doll brothel has been shut down by police in Italy's Turin.

The establishment is owned by the Spain-based company LumiDolls that positions itself as the world's most known brand on Sex Dolls market.

The Turin LumiDolls branch was closed down due to breaking Italian laws on renting out accommodation.

Opened on September 3, the sex brothel offered sexual services with "beautiful silicone ladies."

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At the same time, organized prostitution in Italy, including brothels staffed by human prostitutes, is illegal since the 1958 ban.

The brothel offered eight sex dolls, seven female and one male, which according to the owners "will not leave you indifferent ."

The company, with branches in Barcelona and Moscow, claims that all the dolls it sells are completely new and newly manufactured. According to an Italian wire service, Turin's health authorities are investigating whether the dolls were properly cleaned after each use.

The concern of who is to buy condoms and clean up sexbots has been previously raised by researchers.

"It is speculative whether the development of a sexbot marketplace will lead to lesser risk of violence and infections, or drive further exploitation of human sex workers," authors of the paper published in BMJ Sexual & Reproductive Health argued.

It is unclear whether the Turin brothel owners will be allowed to reopen if they bring the establishment in line with official regulations.

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