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BTM Layout gasps for breath as garbage burns

The residents of BTM Layout, a prime residential area in the city, have to daily contend with the problem of garbage burning.

BTM Layout gasps for breath as garbage burns
A coomon sight in BTM Layout where contractors dump garbage on a vacant spot and burn it

Bengaluru: Garbage burning is a serious problem in the city and the residents of BTM first stage claim in their area is forever choked due to the menace.

The burning reportedly happens in one of the vacant properties near a school. "The palike should see that in areas, especially schools, such blatant violations should not take place. On some days it is difficult to even walk on the road. The burning takes place during early hours and nobody says a word," said Anita Singh, whose five-year-old son studies in a school nearby.

She further added that sometimes local shopkeepers were seen throwing rubber, plastic etc and when they are burnt they emit foul smell and black smoke.

Early this year, the residents of BTM second stage also alleged that BBMP contractors were dumping garbage on a vacant plot and burning it. Anita said that even educated residents usually come on two-wheelers and cars and throw garbage.

After the construction of Metro took off, the area remains highly polluted and as per the September data of Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) BTM figures on top of the list of highly polluted, not just in terms of air pollution, but also noise.

"One of the major issues of the bad air quality is garbage burning and this has been conceded by the government agencies. Why cannot the government fine the violators and put the segregation system in place. Every year Bengaluru slips in the ranking of Swacch Bharat, not only the government agencies but each one of us should do the needful," said Amit Kaul, a local resident.

Government, residents should work together to stop this: Mayor Gangambike
Q&A with Mayor Gangambike
The residents are complaining about increasing incidence of burning garbage at BTM Layout. What are the steps you are taking to stop it?
At Taverekere, which is nearby, we have put up a rangoli at the black spot and people have stopped dumping garbage at that spot. We are collecting garbage door-to-door, but some residents have to be educated that dumping garbage is not good for health. We are trying hard to remove black spots.

The black spots are increasing by the day around BTM...
Yes, the government and the residents have to work together to stop this, or else we will never get rid of this. Black spots have to be removed.

How far can CCTV cameras put an end to this issue?
Funds have been allotted and if more is needed, we will do that as well.

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