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Automatic Pani Puri Vending Machine In Bengaluru New Innovation.

Called as the Automatic Pani Puri,Mr Pani Puri, Watershots , this one’s for all the pani puri lovers who can’t say no to this snack but are often worried about the hygiene.

Automatic Pani Puri Vending Machine recently installed in Bangalore at two locations

  1. ETA Mall, Binnypet in Bengaluru.
  2. GT Mall, Magadi Road in Bengaluru.
Automatic Pani Puri Vending Machine In Bengaluru   New Innovation.
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  • They serve pani puris in three flavours - normal, garlic and Italian. The stuffing is the spiced mashed potato, with a slight difference in each of the flavours. Once you get the puris on your plate, you can head to the machine which dispenses flavoured pani.
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  • There are three settings in this one too - spicy, medium and sweet. All you need to do is place your finger on the display and move the light to the flavour you wish to have. Once you select your desired flavour of pani, you can place your puri right under the hose and see the water filling your puri. 
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  • The machine costing Rs 6 lakh rupees.
  • This machine is developed by Watershots, an Ahmeddabad based Pani puri vendor.
  • Rs 60 per plate.

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kitne garib pani puri bechne walo k pet pe laat mar di or upr se costly bhi

9 Months ago


60 per plate tho koi nahi khayega..10 rs pani puri 30 rs tak kha sakte hai but 60 is costly only for rich people

9 Months ago


aalsipan ki hudd

8 Months ago

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