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Anand Mahindra discovers Google Pixel clicks better photos than his iPhone X, tweet goes viral

Clicked in evening in Manhattan, the photo from a Pixel phone amazed businessman Anand Mahindra so much that he decided to tweet about it.

Anand Mahindra discovers Google Pixel clicks better photos than his iPhone X, tweet goes viral


  • Anand Mahindra clicked a photo in Manhattan with a Pixel phone and found the camera better than the one in his iPhone X.
  • Mahindra tweeted about the camera performance of his Pixel phone. Thousands of people respond.
  • The photo highlights how in low light the iPhone struggles against the cameras in the Google Pixel phones.

Tech-savvy smartphone users know it well by now that the Google Pixel phones click the best photos, particularly in challenging conditions when light is low. But such is the aura of the iPhone that this is not something that most mainstream users realise. Businessman Anand Mahindra, apparently a long-time iPhone user and who is currently using the iPhone X, recently discovered the Pixel phone's camera capabilities. The photo that he clicked with a Pixel phone amazed him so much that he decided to tweet about it. The tweet went viral.

A few days ago, Mahindra posted a photo on his Twitter feed. The image clicked in Manhattan, and in low light, showed the capabilities of the Pixel phone. Mahindra tweeted: "Manhattan moonscape. Have to admit, my pixel takes much sharper pics than my iPhone X. And I'm told Samsung is even better?"

He didn't mention which Pixel phone he used, but given that the photo was posted a few days ago, it would be safe to assume that it would have been the Pixel 3 or the Pixel 3 XL.

The photo highlights what Google is saying for years now. The Manhattan picture that Mahindra clicked showed good amount of details and excellent dynamic range. It actually shows a scene that is tailor-made for Pixel phones. The Google phones are particularly good at clicking photos that have dark areas and lots of bright lights. In a way, in low light, the camera performance of Pixel phones is unravelled, even though as a phone -- performance, display, battery etc -- the Pixel may not as good as a top iPhone.

The camera performance of Pixels was something Google highlighted earlier this year when it launched the Pixel 3A and the Pixel 3 A XL, and compared the camera performance in those mainstream phones to the iPhone XS.

One more reason why the iPhone until now has struggled in low light against the Pixel is that it lacks a dedicated night mode that can use multiple exposures to click sharper and better photos. During the launch of the iPhone 11 a week ago Apple said that its new iPhones would come with a dedicated night mode that would use up to 9 frames to produce better photos in low light.

Mahindra's tweet went viral with over 12,000 people liking it, hundreds of them retweeting it and countless other replying to it. So replied implying "told you so" while many responded by sharing photos clicked with their respective phones.

Samsung, meanwhile, tried to cash-in on Mahindra's popularity. The company tweeted, "Mr Mahindra, yes, you heard right, but you haven't heard it all, at least not yet... Have you tried #GalaxyNote10+ Pro Grade camera that turns everyday photos and videos into epic moments? Take your pictures to the next level with Samsung!"

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