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Adultery No Longer A Crime, Wife Is Not Property Of Husband: Supreme Court

Hello my dear friends & followers, I welcome back all of you to our Uc media Rocking India channel where you get eye opening & thrilling posts daily. Today I have brought an post which will shock & surprise you a lot. Here is an article about supreme court said that Adultery no longer is a crime & wife is not the property of husband. Let me explain it briefly to all of you here

Adultery No Longer A Crime, Wife Is Not Property Of Husband: Supreme Court
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Let me tell you that 158 year old adultery law, under which it was an offense under section 497 of the Indian Penal Code that if a man has affairs /sex with the wife of another man without the husband’s connivance is now invalid in the law of court of law.

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Let me tell you that here after a man being the seducer & women being the victim no longer exits today. Equality is the governing principle has been introduces & Husband is not the master of the wife," the Judges of supreme court has said.

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Many of you might not be knowing that under the Section 497 of the IPC, adultery was an offense which penalized a man for up to 5 years of imprisonment or jail or fine if found guilty of the offense.

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Yes this is the fact that the Supreme court has struck down the adultery law which dates back to the 19th century, calling it unconstitutional.

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Here according to the law, the married woman could not be penalized for adultery as it treats her as a victim & not as an abettors of the offense. This law says that adultery would not be a crime if the woman’s husband gives his connivance to have a sexual affair with another man. This law treats the woman as the man’s property & does not give her own rights. What is your opinion about this post guys?

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Danny Rand

This is the shittiest verdict on the adultery.. I hope the professionals involved in this case were having affairs with others and their wives as well.

13 Days ago


a big shame..useless bunch of idiot judges

12 Days ago


their is so much to write on this, Just like in Islam 'wife is not a property of husband he cannot rule over her , but if the women is having some desire to make a relationship with another man so that he can leave her as per her wish that's called Talaq, /khula because ek Mayan mein do talwar nahi rahe Sakti she can choose him as husband , and forget about past , but yahan toh aurat Ko koi aur pasand hai toh bhi wohi admi Ko nibhana padega chahe woh prostitute Kyun na ban Jaye whatajudgement

13 Days ago

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