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AN-32 crash: All 13 crew members killed in accident, says Indian Air Force

AN-32 crash: Long Range Maritime Reconnaissance aircraft P8I, Sukhoi-30 MKI fighter jet, C130-J Super Hercules transport aircraft, ALH Dhruv helicopters, Cheetah Helicopters and aircraft carrying specialised sensors were pressed into service to trace the missing plane. Apart from that the civil, police and local administrative agencies intensified AN-32 search operation based on human and sensor inputs.

AN-32 crash: All 13 crew members killed in accident, says Indian Air Force
(Pic-1) Map of the site where the missing AN-32 had crashed. (Pic-1) The crash site.

AN-32 crash: The Indian Air Force (IAF) said eight members of the rescue team reached the AN-32 crash site on Thursday (June 13, 2019) morning but they found no survivors there. The crash site is located 16 km north of Lipo in Arunachal Pradesh. The Air Force informed the families of the all 13 personnel that there are no survivors. There were 13 Indian Air Force (IAF) personnel, eight crew and five passengers, on board the ill-fated AN-32 military transport aircraft.

The IAF mobilised 15 personnel for rescue operations of the missing AN-32 crash. Four Garud commandos were also dropped by MI-17 helicopter near the crash site as part of the recovery party and a camp was established there. The terrain weather and thick vegetation are slowing down the progress of the rescue team. However, rescue operation for the crashed AN-32 is in full swing.

Following air-warriors lost their life in the tragic An32 crash:

1. Flight Lieutenant Mohit Kumar Garg
2. Wing Commander G M Charles
3. Flight Lieutenant Sumit Mohanty
4. Flight Lieutenant Ashish Tanwar Tanwar
5. S/L H Vinod
6. Flight Lieutenant R Thapa
7. Sergent Anoop Kumar
8. Captain Sherin
9. WO KK Mishra
10. LAC Pankaj
11. LAC Suraj Kumar Singh
12. NC(E) Rajesh Kumar
13. NC(E) Putali

The AN-32’s flight path was Payum Payum village of Siang district in Arunachal Pradesh. Based on eyewitness accounts, the AN-32 search operation is being conducted around Molo and Tumbin.

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