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A student fell through an open window in school and dies, batchmate injured

A student fell through an open window in school and dies, batchmate injured

New Delhi, July 9: In West Bengal, a shocking incident comes to light when a student sitting next to an open window falls and dies while his batchmate is seriously injured.

A class 9 student died and his batchmate was seriously injured after they fell through an open window of their classroom on the second floor of the school building at Fulbari near Siliguri, West Bengal, police said.

Principal T Rajni Prasad said the incident occurred during the lunch break on Monday when the students, Rishab Arya and Hrithik Kumar Singh, pushed each other, lost control and tumbled out of the window.

"Unfortunately, the window from which they fell had no grilles. I had no information that the grilles were broken three days ago and had been removed," the principal said. Both the students were taken to a private hospital immediately, but Rishab Arya, who hailed from Bihar, was declared "brought dead", the principal said.

Hrithik Kumar Singh has sustained a fracture on his left hand, his father said. The police has seized the hard disk of the CCTV camera system installed in the school premises. They also spoke to security guards who were on duty, a police officer said. 

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jUST because of their stupidity 😡

4 Months ago


some one jump to die on the road and you will blame the driver..why always blame some one mistake to other

4 Months ago


School is responsible !

4 Months ago

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