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A big statement from America had come before Chandrayaan landed on the moon.

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Hello friends hello! You are very welcome on our channel. Today we are going to tell you about the mission Chandrayaan, the Modi government took a historic decision by abolishing Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir.

A big statement from America had come before Chandrayaan landed on the moon.
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The Modi government is known for taking big decisions. Recently Modi government has implemented Motor Vehicle Act 2019 across the country. Under which, if the traffic rules are not followed now, the traffic police can cut a huge challan on you. On the other hand, India's mission Chandrayaan is now going to land on the surface of the moon. For which now America is also showing great enthusiasm.

This big statement came from America

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America made a big statement even before Chandrayaan landed on the lunar surface. In a big statement, Timothy Swindle, director of the Moon and Planetary Laboratory at the University of Arizona in the US, said that scientists are expecting the mission to help them understand the possibility of finding and using the water source there. He further said, "We know that there is water there but we do not know what its quantity is and how did it come there?"

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modi did not do anything.its our science and scientists whose hard work to be praised.

9 Months ago


yes great work by isRo.it is atonimus body no one tke the cridit ...media trying to show modi launch chandrayan....

9 Months ago


modi did not fund isro when they needed money

9 Months ago

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