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A beggar approaches Shah Rukh Khan's son Aryan Khan; Here's how he reacted

A beggar approaches Shah Rukh Khan's son Aryan Khan; Here's how he reacted

Besides movies, the global star ‘Shah Rukh Khan’ is known for his charitable work. King Khan’s beloved son ‘Aryan Khan’ not only look like his star father but has also gained some benevolent characteristics from his star dad.


The handsome star kid proved that he is as generous as his star father SRK. Aryan was recently approached by a beggar and the way he reacted doubled the respect of fans for him. It is for the very first time that Aryan is trending for his good work instead of good looks.


The pictures of Aryan helping a begging kid went viral on internet. After dining in a restaurant in Bandra, a beggar started following the star kid to his car. Aryan gave a hefty amount to the kid without any second thought.


Whenever King Khan gets caught in any such situation, he never leaves without helping the beggar. It seems that SRK has instilled good qualities in his beloved son. There are several Bollywood celebs who never pay heed to the beggars. However, Aryan has proved that he is the one with kind heart.


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not worth...why silly article in UC news ??

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