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A Few Images that Will Make You Very Angry

The world is full of horrible things. It is true that, from time to time, you can experience something 'beautiful' ... but this, unfortunately, is not the general norm. Ask for a durum without onion and get doubled; step on a puddle of water down the street to, seconds later, realize that it was urine; be colorblind and have to simulate happiness at Christmas ... and so we could be all day.

But today we bring you the 'celebration' of all this: a compilation with some images that, with almost total security, will make you bitter all week (and the next one, if we hurry a little).

1. Do you know someone who has the computer desk like that?

A Few Images that Will Make You Very Angry
via google images

The truth is that, in many offices, this is a fairly common image ... and the truth is that it gets on your nerves.

2. A tidal floor

via google images

They make a reform at home and they do this to me ... the truth is that I have the whole floor raised again.

3. I think it's not clear at all

via google images

I think I would specify a third time, if it has not been clear at all.

4. How to spoil a comic collection

via google images

Was it so hard to make them all the same? You want to keep reading with this kind of thing.

5. A millimeter damage

via google images

It is true that it is a very small detail ... but visible enough to make the afternoon bitter.

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the 1st one was the most irritating thing ever

9 Months ago


I'm lucky to note have OCD lol

9 Months ago


4th one sucks

9 Months ago

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