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99% people do not know what M and X mean on hands, know here

Your knowledge will continue to grow and you can see the benefit of your knowledge to others, so we always try to present something new for you. Today, we will give you information about the sign myth. You might have noticed that some people have created a "X" from the stroke of the hand, so someone's "M", today we will explain it.

99% people do not know what M and X mean on hands, know here
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Those people who have created "X" from the rows are very special. These people make more use of their brain, and through this they solve any problems in a few hours. Such people are very prominent and they gain great success due to their success.

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Those people whose make "M" the are very powerful. Even though such people appear to be weak from outside but they are powerful from within. These types of people work according to their own minds, they do not like to follow people's gestures. They earn a lot of money due to their hard work, but they can not save.

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people with no hands/palms are also humans with their unique strenghts...so I dont believe all this[silent]

11 Months ago


i think everyone has X and M marks on hand

11 Months ago


the line made on our hand is becouse when the baby born his hand are closed for long period ........ now try ur hand to close slowly u will see that the folding of hand is all on line......so this is a fake article

11 Months ago

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