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8 Rich Indian Billionaires Who Did Crazy Things!

8 Rich Indian Billionaires Who Did Crazy Things!
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There are numerous individuals who live in the city and starve, many buckle down day and night just to have a feast each day. In any case, then again, there are some rich Indians who have a lot of cash that they can undoubtedly purchase anything or do anything without inclination a squeeze. For them cash resembles a printed paper that they can even discard in the junk, so today we’ll see what some crazy rich Indians have finished with their cash.

So here is a rundown of the crazy things you won’t trust these rich Indian Billionaires have done!

A man dozes on a bed loaded up with cash as it was his youth dream

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The CPI head of Tripura named Samar Acharjee filled his bed with Rs.20 Lakhs and considered it like a moron. He said it was his youth dream to do as such an hid he did that subsequent to gaining.

Mukesh Ambani assembled a high rise close to the greatest ghetto of Mumbai

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Mukesh Ambani is the most extravagant man of India and he assembled a 27-story working close to the greatest ghettos of Mumbai. The value of that house is $1 billion and that building expends 6 Lakh units of intensity or all the more some of the time.

This man made a gold shirt of Rs. 1.2 crore for himself

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A business person of Pune named Datta Phuge needed to pull in ladies like a man so he made a 1.2 crore gold shirt for himself and made a record for having the world’s most costly shirt.

Mayawati manufactured a Rs.1000 crore statue of herself

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Mayawati Kumari made a statue of herself that was around a 1000 crore and some gathering of young people pulverized that statue by decapitating it. Unquestionably worth decapitating.

A man burned through Rs.500 crore on his little girl’s wedding

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Pramod Mittal is one of the most extravagant men of India and he purchased the whole city of Barcelona and spent an incredible measure of 500 crores on his little girl’s wedding there. A helicopter was reserved just to take the wedding pictures.

Man of the hour gets Bollywood stars as his wedding crowd and chopper as a blessing

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In the year 2011, Congress pioneer Kanwar Singh’s child got hitched to an ex MLA’s girl and got a chopper as his wedding blessing. Around Rs.250 crore was spent on that wedding celebs like SRK and Aishwarya Rai were contracted as a group of people.

Rich dad made his 9-year-old child drive a Ferrari

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A moronic dad from Kerala once allowed his 9-year-old child a Ferrari to drive and he was then imprisoned to enable his child to drive a vehicle at a such a fast on a neighborhood. In spite of the fact that he was discharged later as he was rich enough to pay his safeguard.

Mallya spent crores on purchasing steeds, cricket players, and so on however never had cash to pay his own representatives

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Indeed, the facts demonstrate that Vijay Mallya had enough misrepresentation cash to purchase all that he won’t pay his workers and here and there the representatives were not paid for a half year as well. Inept rich fakes!

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