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7 extraordinary facts related to stars, planets and our Solar System

Scientists from around the world have collected a huge amount of knowledge regarding stars, planets and Solar System by observations, studies and experiments performed throughout many decades. Still, if we compare that to how much we don't know, our huge mountain of knowledge becomes just a tiny pebble. And what I have learnt from that, is not even a tiny pebble. It can be compared with the tiniest particle in the Universe. I'm going to share that with you in this article. So, read on to know more.


1. The stars you see in the night sky are many light years away. The light they emit takes years to reach Earth and to our eyes. Thus, whenever you look at these stars, you are actually looking back in time.

7 extraordinary facts related to stars, planets and our Solar System
Credit:- Pixabay

2. Out of the total mass of our Solar System, the Sun is responsible for 99.86%.

3. There is a mountain on Mars which is two and a half times taller than Mount Everest. Its name is 'Olympus Mons' and it is the tallest mountain on any planet in the Solar System.

Credit:- NASA

4. Venus is the hottest planet in the Solar System and the coldest is Uranus.

5. When the core of a giant star collapses, it becomes one of the smallest and densest star known as neutron star. Neutron stars are so extremely dense that even a teaspoon of matter from their core would weigh 10 million tons.

Credit:- NASA

6. The only human-made object that has traveled far from our Solar System is 'Voyager 1' robotic spacecraft. On March 20 2013, Voyager 1 crossed the boundry of Solar System and now it is also the farthest human-made object from Earth.

Credit:- NASA

7. Highly magnetized rotating neutron stars that emit a beam of electromagnetic radiation are known as Pulsars. These are the fastest spinning objects in the Universe.

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