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7 Unknown Facts For You To Gain Some Knowledge

Hello my dear friends, I welcome you all to my UC news Knowledge Centre channel. Today I have brought an article about seven unknown facts that will help you gain some knowledge. Let's see those facts.

Leonardo Da Vinci spent 12 years to paint Mona Lisa's lips.

7 Unknown Facts For You To Gain Some Knowledge
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Honey is the only food that never spoils.

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In 2011, A woman named Aimee Davison once paid 10,000 Dollars for non-visible art.

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Charles Darwin ate every animal he discovered.

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The man who is known to have the longest beard in the world dies after he tripped over his beard and broke his neck.

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There is a village in Uttar Pradesh, whose name is Snapdeal Nagar.

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Jackie Chan once picked a fight with Bruce Lee and lost.

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cool... 👍

1 Months ago


Honey never spoils, then why there is an expiry date on all branded honey? This proves that all honey marketing companies' honey is adulterated.

2 Months ago


monalisa k lips me kya hai

2 Months ago

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