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7 Smartest Insects in the World

Are you one of those people who’d rather eat rocks than look at some dumb, creepy, disgusting, and/or scary insects? Well, sucks to be you then, but maybe you’ll change your mind after reading this article. Even though these little fellas come in all shapes and forms, many of them are quite brainy. And it’s always exciting to communicate with intelligent creatures (looking at you, John from HR).

Here are 7 smartest insects in the world!

1. Bees

It shouldn’t be a surprise that these bad boys are smarter than you think. Did you know scientists actually made them solve simple puzzles for sugar water? Also, bees can dance… freaking dance, Coral!

7 Smartest Insects in the World
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2. Praying Mantis

Some mantis owners have taught their alien-looking pets to wave on demand, and even give tiny mantis kisses. Aren’t they lovely? I mean, aside from their weird looks.

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3. Locust

These mega-grasshoppers are masters of communication. They can send out hundreds of different messages from “pizza’s here” to “I’m about to die” in a fraction of a second.

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4. Butterflies

Scientists have proven that butterflies can still retain some memories from their time living as caterpillars. And they apparently have a great way of memorizing the best nectar spots.

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5. Dung Beetle

Just because they’re dealing with poop doesn’t mean they’re dumb. It has been proven that dung beetles use the Milky Way’s gradient and brightness to navigate the desert.

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6. Ants

Similar to dung beetles, ants also use a few tricks to navigate the terrain. Things like the position of the sun, wind direction, counting steps, etc. Don’t mess with ants.

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7. Cockroaches

Roaches get a bad rep and are famous for being able to live pretty much anywhere where there’s food, but did you know that some of them have been taught to salivate on command like the Pavlov’s dogs? Neat, huh?

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