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6 Simple Tips to Improve Your Sleep

Now in this world, we are so much busy in our life that we avoid our proper and normal health. In search of money, we exploit our self without caring its bad effect. We avoid sleep so we bring some proven techniques and methods which if you put into place will see the quality of your sleep improve:

1.Keep it cool!

6 Simple Tips to Improve Your Sleep
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From experiments, it is found that cool bodies sleep better. So it is better advised to take a bath before sleep. This will help you to get better and cool sleep.

2. Avoid screens for at least one hour before bed:

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Today in technological world staying away from mobile and screens is the most challenging thing. If you can do it this will give you one of the best sleep with improved sleep quality. You must turn off all the screens one hour before the sleep. The blue light effect of phone, TV and screen is equal with the effect of sun hence should try to avoid to get a better sleep.

3. Make it a set habit:

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In everyone’s life consistency is very important. Many problems happen if we are not consistent. If you want to get a better and quality sleep, commit yourself going to bed at the same time every night. You can even try taking a small nap if you are not able to take a proper routine sleep.

4. Morning Exercise:

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There are so many benefits are working out in the morning including the sleep benefit. So it is advised to take exercise or gym in the early morning only.

5. Darkness:

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Your body is programmed to fall asleep when it is dark, so any form of light will disturb your sleep. Keep the only natural light in your sleeping room. Shut your bedroom door, use special blinds and curtains to keep out the third-party light source.

6. Calm your mind:

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Today because of our body schedule and hectic work, we were getting disturbed mind. So we must keep our mind cool and calm. You can use some meditation or yoga techniques to keep your mind cool.

What do you think about your sleep habits? Do you get proper sleep or not just tell us your views in the comment section below. Don’t forget to like, share and follow us for more such knowledge.

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Bob Marley

when you read all these, you cannot even imagine how hard it is to follow these steps..

10 Months ago

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