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6 Healthy Habits To Get A Healthy Skin

6 Healthy Habits To Get A Healthy Skin
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Keeping skin healthy can be quite challenging at times. Pollution is on the rise despite all the great efforts from governments around the world. Automobile companies are shifting to vehicles that run with solar energy but the expansiveness of this technology has kept mankind using the vehicles with old mechanisms of consuming energy. This causes great effects on the skin in addition to the increasing heat. Fast food is easier to order today than it ever was in the past. Just place an order online while resting in your bedroom and the food will arrive at your doorstep.

All the above mentioned factors and many others combined create an environment around us which forces us into bad health. Among other parts of the body we often give less attention to skin when it is getting the effects of these factors just as much as other parts of the body. Women have always been more concerned about their looks and skin conditions. They are always running after some expensive products in order to keep their skins healthy while completing ignoring the fact that some basic healthy habits could greatly help them in retaining the shine, elasticity and vibrancy of their skin. Here are some of those healthy skin habits:

Proper Sleep: 

Stop complaining how you have so much work that you had to stay up all night. Your work, job and all other activities depend on your health and not otherwise. You have to give first priority to your health and then the rest of the things in your life. You can already see the effects of not sleeping on your skin before you even go into the details of how sleeplessness causes bad effects on skin. Puffy eyes, dark circles and faded complexion are all the great gifts you will receive when you deprive yourself of sleep. In addition to that, the high production of cortisol arising from lack of sleep will increase of the chances of inflammation on your skin.

Protecting Your Skin: 

Protection of your skin is a major step that you will have to take in order to improve the quality of your skin. No one is stopping you from basking underneath the sun in winter days or enjoying at the beach in summers. However, if you are not putting any protection on your skin then it is best that you stay at home. Ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause serious damage to your skin. You can develop skin cancer and many other skin related problems if you are not putting proper sunblock on your skin. Make sure your sunscreen clearly states how much it will protect your skin from the UV rays of the sun.

Another important way to protect your skin is that you stop smoking if you do. Smoking speeds up the aging process of skin, which means that your skin starts drooping and becoming dry and coarse. It might not be easy for you to quit smoking all of sudden, so you can get some help. You can start the quitting process by using electronic cigarettes that come with e-liquid. They are pretty helpful for those who want to stop smoking.

Drinking Adequate Quantities of Water: 

Water is the carrier of oxygen in your body. Whatever oxygen you inhale becomes part of your blood because of water. How hard is it to notice the flaky and unsightly skin in winters when you are not drinking enough water? The more blood your skin is getting the more blushed and beautiful it will look. The only way to make enough blood to reach your skin is to drink lots of water. In addition to that, you can also sprinkle mineral water on your skin to keep it hydrated and away from the dullness and dryness. Not to mention the fact that increasing water in your daily use will reduce the number of cola and soda drinks you drink every day. This will automatically boost your skin health.

Using Makeup Properly: 

No one should be stopping you from applying makeup. However, when your makeup starts to become your skin’s enemy you should definitely stop for a moment and reconsider your priorities. First, make sure you are not putting too many synthetic products on your skin because that will result in wrinkly and saggy skin before your old age. Furthermore, you would want to take off your makeup as soon as you are ready to sleep at night. It does not matter how lazy or sleepy you are feeling. Make sure to take off your makeup because clogged pores will result in accumulation of sebum in your follicles causing your skin to develop blackheads, pimples etc.

Improving Diet: 

Your diet has a direct impact on your skin. You can’t think of having a healthy skin unless you are working on your diet. If there is too much sweet stuff going in your body on a daily basis, you can prepare for breakouts on your skin. All the foods that are extremely high on sugar such as candies, sweet chocolates etc. cause the cortisol levels in your body to shoot up. It is best that you eat foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids and ingredients that provide your skin with adequate amounts of oxidants. According to beauty expert, you should eat citrus fruits, berries, green vegetables and the seasonal fruits to keep your skin healthy and in prime form.

Staying Happy: 

Believe it or not, the biggest secret to a great and healthy skin is staying happy. The happier you are the more your skin will look beautiful. How you are feeling inside shows up on your face pretty easily. Not to mention, being happy means you are free from stress and depression. Of course, getting rid of the two monsters is not possible as a whole but you can always keep them very limited in your life. The more you stress the more there are chances of breakout on your skin. Try to keep calm during tense situations and be realistic. Don’t think too much about your problems and just face them. Don’t take too much work stress and don’t be worried about things that have happened in the past. Go for a massage at least once every month or spend a day at a spa once every 3 months to release the tension that is there in your body. Make friends who think positive and keep away from people, movies, atmospheres etc. that make you feel depressed.

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