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6 Fitness Secrets We Need To Know About Tiger Shroff

6 Fitness Secrets We Need To Know About Tiger Shroff
6 Fitness Secrets We Need To Know About Tiger Shroff

If you wish to have a body as perfectly chiseled As our dear dear Tiger, Here are 6 fitness secrets we need to know about Tiger Shroff.

1. Start young: Tiger Shroff started working out at the very tender age of 15 years old. He was embarrassed by his short and bony physique at the time and wanted to tone his structure. Under the supervision and guidances his fitness trainer, he started lifting weights that were age appropriate.

2. Workout regime: The muscular beast is a fitness enthusiast and not a day goes by when he does not hit the gym. He works out everyday and that shows us how dedicated he is to maintaining that perfect body.

3. His weekly workout plan: yes I know it’s creepy that we know this but here’s his weekly workout plan.
Monday-back, Tuesday- chest, Wednesday- legs, Thursday- arms, Friday- shoulders, Saturday- mixed, Sunday- abs.

4. Healthy and disciplined lifestyle: Tiger Shroff, being the son of the Indian actor Jackie shroff, always had the means to a lavish life but despite that the star kid leads a very self disciplined life. Tiger would’ve never achieved such an amazing body, if he was lacking discipline. Tiger has never been caught partying late at night or smoking in the corner.

5. Tiger’s eating habits: Tiger maintains a strict diet to maintain his jaw dropping body. Even when he isn’t training his body for a specific role, he eats healthy.

6. Diet plan: Breakfast- steamed of grilled basa fish, egg whites, oatmeal, veggies, almonds or green tea. Lunch- brown rice, chicken dish and boiled veggies. Dinner- veggies like broccoli and green beans. Snack- dry fruits and whey shakes.

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