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5 most powerful actors in the world

My dear friends, you are very welcome on our entertainment channel. To read the interesting news related to entertainment, first of all press the channel's puppy button. There are also many actors in the world who are known to have more power than their acting. So let's know about such actors.

This is the 5 most powerful actor in the world. Number two picks up the carts directly.

1- John Abraham

5 most powerful actors in the world
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John Abraham is one of the powerful actors of Bollywood. Earlier John Abraham used to act in comedy films, but later John Abraham worked very hard and built his body and now has become the king of action films.

2- Vin Diesel

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Now we will talk about Vin Diesel, who is the uncrowned king of Hollywood films and is known for his body building. Vin Diesel has made many such films in his career, which has created history.

3- Dwayne Johnson

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Dwayne Johnson is a Hollywood actor and no Chinese film has flopped till date. Apart from his acting, Dwayne Johnson is also known for his immense strength. It is very common for them to carry vehicles.

4- Chris Hemsworth

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Famous by name 4 is Chris Hemsworth is one of the most powerful actors in the world. You can find the strength of Chris from Avengers movie.

5.Salman Khan

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Salman Khan is known at number one in the list of the world's strongest actors. You have to guess the strength of Salman Khan with his film Jai Ho.

Which of these actors do you think is the most powerful? Give us your opinion in the comment.

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1st place should be Dwayne Johnson

4 Months ago


John ke haaton ko poliyo hogaya hai kya

4 Months ago


world strongest actor really..tu dumb h kya

4 Months ago

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