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5 biggest IT companies in Pakistan!

1 Net Sol

Net Sol has generated more than $20 million in exports in 2015-16 and has received platinum award from PSEB. The company’s core strength is to provide Financial and leasing products and solutions to more than 200 companies worldwide.

5 biggest IT companies in Pakistan!
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 2 Systems Limited

Systems limited is ranked at 2nd position, it generates between $10 million to $20 million in IT exports. The company has employed over 2500 people. The company provides Telecom and web solutions to clients around the world. 

3 S & P Global Pakistan Pvt Ltd

S&P Global Market Intelligence formally known as SNL Financial also generates between $10 million to $20 million in exports. The company provides expertise and solutions to Financial Institutions. Although, S&P global is not Pakistani firm it is a global firm headquartered in New York United States. 

4 Teradata Global

Teradata also received Gold Award which is between $10 million to $20 million of exports. Teradata has expertise in Big data, Internet of Things. 

5 TRG Global

TRG is the last company in the list who received Gold award, TRG specializes as investment holding company, TRG has clients all over the globe.

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All fake 📰, banawti news, Pakistan itself is on rehem from amarica... & dusre countries se.....

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