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5 Truly Amazing Places To Visit Before You Die

This world is very big. There are so many beautiful sights that are breathtaking and we haven't visited yet in our lives. They are the natural places. It is our duty to look at the nature and appreciate the creation of God. Some places are very special and unique. If you have vacations or holidays to visit some places then these are the best places and worth visiting, and spending your money and time. So let us go through the images here.

1. Metalmorphosis the mirror fountain, USA:

5 Truly Amazing Places To Visit Before You Die
Google image

This fountain is made with stainless steel that rotates 360° & looks like a giant head.

2. The Digital Fountain, USA:

Google image

This is the most famous digital water sculptors. You can admire it for hours staying there.

3. The ‘Colossus’ sculpture, Florence:

Google image

This mountain has so many mysteries hidden in its rooms, it brings life to the stones of this mountain.

4. Jatayu, India:

Google image

India has so many monuments, this sculpture is really admirable with a bird shape.

5. The Golden Bridge, Vietnam:

Google image

Which place seems interesting in these pictures? Tell us in the comment section below friends, we want to know from you.

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Other monuments across the world.

7 Months ago

Ghost Warrior

jatayuuu kahan hai[frown][frown][frown]

7 Months ago


i want to visit them all....such a beauty pllaces all

7 Months ago

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