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5 Reasons why Vince McMahon refuses to stop pushing Brock Lesnar

Will Vince McMahon ever stop pushing Brock Lesnar?

5 Reasons why Vince McMahon refuses to stop pushing Brock Lesnar
Why won't Vince McMahon stop pushing Brock Lesnar?

It seems like Brock Lesnar just won't go away from WWE programming. Just when we thought his reign as part-time champion was over and he would be gone for a while, Lesnar returned at Money In The Bank to win the men's contract at the last second on the match.

Why? Why does Vince McMahon keep pushing Brock Lesnar? Let's take a look.

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#5 The recent dip in ratings

Ratings play a big factor in creative

The recent dip in ratings has made WWE panic. The recent and poorly received Wildcard Rule has definitely had low ratings play a part in its introduction.

Brock Lesnar returning at Money In The Bank and winning the briefcase will also have been a result of Vince reaction to low ratings on some level. The WWE counted on the shock factor of Lesnar being Mr. Money In The Bank as a factor that could boost ratings which it will probably do, but it will hurt the WWE, in the long run,.

#4 Brock Lesnar has the star power

Brock Lesnar has the power

You can't argue with the fact that Brock Lesnar is a draw and has a level of star power that other Superstars on the roster don't have. But here's where Vince McMahon is making his biggest mistake - Brock Lesnar didn't just show up in WWE as Brock Lesnar and had to be built up with good booking backing him.

WWE doesn't create stars any more. Instead, they rely on part-timers like Brock Lesnar and short-term returns like John Cena and Goldberg. Instead, what WWE need to do is to use this legends to cement younger stars who can take the WWE forward in the future. WWE need to stop looking back and for a change, focus on securing the future.

#3 To keep Brock happy

Brock Lesnar isMr MITB

This one is quite evident. Vince McMahon sees Brock Lesnar as one of his biggest stars and always books him strongly to keep him happy. We know that Brock is one of the smartest guys in wrestling in the way be negotiates his contracts and will definitely have used leaving the WWE for UFC or even All Elite Wrestling to get a cushy contract.

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#2 Brock Lesnar is one of the biggest stars Vince McMahon created

Brock Lesnar

Another reason Vince McMahon continues to favour Brock Lesnar over newer stars like Finn Balor and others is the fact that Brock Lesnar is a home-grown star Vince McMahon created. In fact, he's one of the biggest stars Vince has ever created.

Unlike guys like Finn Balor who made their names outside WWE, it seems pretty obvious that Vince still has some pride in the Superstars he has created and still tends to push them.

#1 Brock Lesnar is Vince McMahon's idea of the ideal Superstar

Brock Lesnar during his WWE debut

It's no surprise that Brock Lesnar fit's Vince McMahon's idea of the idea WWE Superstar. Brock has the size and the physical presence that Vince loves not to mention the added advantage of having a ton of actual talent unlike other failed big men before him.

One big reason Vince refuses to stop pushing Brock is the sheer fact that Vince loves Brock Lesnar. Jim Ross told the story of the first meeting between Vince McMahon and Lesnar some time ago and that just shows how Vince saw Lesnar, even when he was just a rookie:

"It was the first time Vince McMahon physically laid eyes on Brock Lesnar. Brock came to the event. We were recruiting him. He was our number one target and we got him. We got our guy.I remember Vince walking out of his office and down [the hall] and I said, 'Brock Lesnar is here' and I had to refresh his memory about who that was. No face, no name - Vince didn't know.And so, I said, 'he's standing out here' and when Vince walked by, he gave him a little wave. He saw, 'wait a minute, is that what I think it is? Is that 6'3", 280 [lbs.]? Is that blonde hair? Looks like an angry Viking or a heifer bull. So Vince made a little detour, shook Brock's hand, the rest, as they say, is history."

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