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5 Longest Snakes in the World

Snakes live on all continents except Antarctica. The size of most modern snakes living on the planet within one meter, the smallest less than 10 cm, but the longest snakes in the world reach 8 meters. In this case, we are talking about reliable and recorded facts.

Eastern Brown Snake (Lenght 2.4 m)

5 Longest Snakes in the World
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The eastern brown snake belongs to the family of asps. The average length is 1.5 meters, but the maximum value of 2.4 meters is recorded. The snake is common in Australia, New Guinea. Because of its love for mice, it is often found near farms and homes.

Black Mamba (Length 4.3 m)

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The black mamba , the inhabitant of Africa, reaches 4.3 meters in length and is among the five largest snakes in the world. The maximum speed that a mamba can reach is 19 km / h. The name Mamba received because of the color of the mouth, in a form resembling a coffin.

Indian Python (Length 5m)

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Light tiger or Indian python is one of the varieties of tiger pythons, whose length reaches 5 meters. The tiger python perfectly adapts to any conditions. It feels great both on land and in water

King Cobra (Length 5.7 m)

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The king cobra is the longest venomous snake, reaching 5.7 meters and growing all its life. Habitat is South and South-East Asia. Without food, the snake can last up to 3 months.

Reticulated Python (Length 7.5 m)

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The reticulated python is the longest snake in the world. This was recorded in New York, where the python Samantha was 7.5 meters in size. Pythons feed on birds, rodents, monkeys, attack goats and pigs, and can encroach on large specimens up to 60 kg

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