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5 Funny but True Illustrations about Office Life

We invest more time in our life to work and earn for our survival. As technology grows, people’s lifestyle also changes. People have to face many challenges in their office life. Some people may get good work environment but most of the people lead stressful office life.

5 Funny but True Illustrations about Office Life
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Life will be a tough journey when your office life is worse. Here are some 5 funny as well as true illustrations about office life:

1. Obesity:

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If you become very fat, then it does not mean that you are healthy. Becoming fat in short time is dangerous to health. Many people working in IT or IT based jobs experience lot of health issues due to sedentary lifestyle.

2. Work load and hard work:

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If you work so hard, sure you will get applaud along with another set of work. You will be never let free after completing your task or work in some organizations.

3. Lunch time:

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Office life is not easy especially during midday. If you do not eat lunch, then you can’t work well with hungry stomach. If you eat well for lunch, then also you can’t work briskly because you will really feel sleepier.

4. Meeting:

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The worst part of office life is meetings conducted frequently. Mostly employees in higher designation ask so many questions about performance and other issues with other employees below their level in the regular meetings.

5. Weekend happiness:

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One cannot explain the happiness of weekend days. Most of the employees will really feel better at the end of every Friday.

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