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5 Fabulous Beauty Hacks That Can Save Your Time

Hearty welcome to all of you to our Rocking India channel where you get inspiring & mind blowing photo post everyday. Today I have brought an interesting article about some fabulous beauty hacks that can save your time. Let me share this photo post with all of you here

1. Baby powder + hairbrush = dry shampoo

5 Fabulous Beauty Hacks That Can Save Your Time
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Create a homemade baby powder. Use corn starch on its own or combine it with such ingredients as arrowroot powder, baking soda, or white clay. Whenever there is an extreme need to wash your hair fast, simply brush it with this mixture.

2. Wasabi + lips = plumping effect:

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 Spread wasabi all over your lips & leave it there for 10 mins to make them appear plumper. Increase the time in case of zero results & reduce it if it hurts.

3. Beer = hair conditioner/shampoo:

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Try washing your hair with beer. Some experience a shiny effect while others claim the hair structure becomes healthier. But it is not recommended that you use this hack instead of shampoo or hair conditioner on a regular basis.

4. Alcohol + spoon = fixed eye shadow:

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Pour rubbing alcohol into the container, mix it into a paste with a spoon, smash it down & leave it to dry completely. The broken pieces will come back together & you will get a brand new eye shadow.

5. Regular hair conditioner + water = leave-in hair conditioner:

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Combine your hair conditioner with water in a ratio of 1:1 & fill a spray bottle with it. Now you may apply the conditioner without washing your hair beforehand. Splash your hair with it & feel fresh and neat straight away. How many of you like it guys?

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