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5 Banned Horror Movies In India That No One Can Watch Alone At Night!

This world has no ghosts. Ghosts are characters made by humans only and humans only are afraid of him. Most of the persons in this world are afraid of these characters. Still horror movies are favorite of most of people. Because every one knows they are fake and they won't be afraid. But today we will show you the movies, No one can watch alone at night!

Cannibal holocaust

5 Banned Horror Movies In India That No One Can Watch Alone At Night!

This is a italian film. It was going to be released in 1980 but got banned due to very horror scenes. The story is about film crew who gets lost in forests of Amazon.

Brokeback Mountain


The movie is romantic drama based on two cowboys, who are in secret love. This movie has won many Oscars. This film was banned in by some countries.

Battle Royale


This is dystopian movie. One Japanese director has directed it. It was released in year 2000. The movie is almost like Hunger Games but it is very terrifying and brutal with horror.

The Green Inferno


This was released in 2003. It is horror category hollywood movie. The film recounts the tale of two students who goes to save the forests of amazon. Unfortunately, their plane accidents and their whole team is kidnapped by amazon's hungry people.

 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


This is very famous horror movie. Film is based on five friends. They are haunted by a chainsaw murderer. The murderer of the film was motivated by real-life killer Ed Gein.

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In what universe is brokeback mountain a horror film?

8 Months ago

Kaneki Ken

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Is Based On A Real Incident...It's A Very Good Movie

8 Months ago


brokeback mountain is very scary movie😨

8 Months ago

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