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3 top WWE heels who would thrive if they turned face

Should these stars turn face in the near future?

3 top WWE heels who would thrive if they turned face

There's no question that WWE has a ton of talent on their active, full-time roster, as some of the best talent in the entire industry is under contract to Vince McMahon's company. But, as of this writing, there are a few performers who might be more successful if they were put into different roles.

Obviously, the biggest way to change someone's role in wrestling is by having them flip from being on one side of the heel/babyface coin to the other, and there are three heels on WWE's main roster who might find a lot more success if they're turned face in the near future.

Turning the following three Superstars face probably wouldn't usher in the dawn of a new "Attitude Era" in terms of popularity, but it might do a ton for them individually, as all three of them would likely be great in the role.

So with that in mind, here are three top WWE heels who would thrive if they were turned face.

#3 Alexa Bliss

Even though she's great as a heel, the fact is, Alexa Bliss has been on the "bad" side of things ever since debuting on the main roster. But even though she found her niche as a heel, it's definitely time to see what she can do as a face.

The thing about Alexa Bliss is, she's great at delivering whatever material is put in front of her. Sure, there have been things that she's been involved in that haven't worked, but generally speaking, she's a pretty effective heel, and her ability to deliver dialogue in a convincing fashion is the biggest part of that.

If WWE and Alexa were able to figure out how to combine a bit of her heel attitude with her real-life likability, then they might have their next great female face on their hands. Of course, her in-ring work isn't at a top level, however, as we've seen throughout wrestling history, having a strong character is what's important, so as long as she's able to create a worthwhile persona, she'll be good.

#2 Drew McIntyre

At one point, prior to being thrown into 3MB along with Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal, WWE looked at Drew McIntyre as a future cornerstone of the company. In fact, some people believed that he'd end up being the next Triple H.

Now that he's back and has been put in a pretty significant spot alongside Shane McMahon, it's quite clear that the company's faith in McIntyre has been restored. On top of that, you could argue that pro wrestling's most hardcore fans want to cheer for the "Scottish Psychopath," as they're fully aware of how talented he is and what he could potentially end up becoming if pushed properly.

At some point, the idea probably will be to have McIntyre turn against Shane McMahon, which will probably end up making him one of the most popular faces on the roster. He might not get the best matches out of Vince McMahon's son, but it would start his run as a good guy off right.

#1 Elias

Even as a heel, Elias has already proven that he can get over with the WWE universe, despite the fact that he's not the most talented wrestler from bell to bell.

The now former WWE 24/7 Champion has one thing that most people on Vince McMahon's roster do not, which is a very strong character. Simply put, WWE fans know exactly who Elias is, which is why he gets such a big reaction whenever he appears.

If WWE ever fully commits to Elias as a face, then he could end up being one of the three biggest stars in the entire company. Then, who knows? Maybe he'll vastly improve his wrestling skills, which might shoot him right to the top of the company.

Of the current heels on WWE's roster, Elias probably has the most upside as a face, so hopefully, the company will make the move sooner rather than later.

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