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3 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations You should See

Hi there, welcome everyone to my blog there are so many places in this world you can visit on your vocation today i'm going to share some of the dangerous tourist destinations that you should think twice before you will go.

  1. In china, at the Wansheng Ordovician Theme Park there is a Gap Bridge which is too dangerous to walk on that bridge. It is built at the height of 200 meters. those who wants to walk on that bridge can tie a safety belt with a hanging rope.
3 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations You should See
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2. Stair way to Heaven is one of the coolest hike in Hawaii. It has a length 2900 meters and It was built on 1942 after some years it is stated as illegal even though it is illegal people still visit such place.

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3. Trolltunga is one of the worlds most attractive dangerous cliffs which is located in Norway, situated above 1,100 meters above sea level. It takes atleast 10 hours to reach the spot from the ground level.

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Next time show some places which are legal and in India not somewhere far away in a foreign country ok

28 Days ago

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