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12 Historical facts about Shimla

Shimla is situated on seven major hills - Observatory Hill, Prospect Hill, Inveram Hill, Summer Hill, Alisium Hill, Jakhu Hill and Bantoni Hill.

12 Historical facts about Shimla
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The name "Shimla" has been taken from the name of a goddess - Shyamala Devi, which is considered as the incarnation of another Hindu goddess "Kali".

In an eight-day period and covering nearly 500 kilometers, MTB Himalaya Mountain Biking Race is considered the largest mountain biking race in South East Asia.

Founded in 1920 by an Englishman, Shimla has the only ice-skating rink in entire South East Asia.

The best way to go to Shimla is "toy train" which runs on this track and this beautiful rail track has been declared by UNESCO in 2008 as a World Heritage Site. This route includes 864 bridges and 107 tunnels.

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The Indian Institute of Advanced Studies is also called "Presidential residence" and India's President spends a few days here in the year.

There is a scandal point in Shimla where Mall Road joins the Ridge Road. Its name is because a British lady ran away with the Indian king here.

Shimla falls in seismic zone IV and it is said that even 2% of Shimla buildings may not face high intensity earthquake.

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Tunnel number 33 Kalka-Shimla is the longest tunnel on the railway track and there is a story to tell. In 1898, the British government commissioned this tunnel to an engineer named Colonel Barrog, but he could not complete the project in deadline and fined. He felt humiliated and committed suicide. He was buried near an incomplete tunnel and it is said that his ghost roams in this tunnel.

Shimla is home to the oldest post office in northern India. Previously known as Connie Cottage, the General Post Office in Shimla was built in 1882.

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Unveiled on November 5, 2010, and 108 feet statue of Lord Hanuman at the 8100 feet high Jakhu temple. It has crossed the record of Christ the Redeemer in Brazil's Rio de Janeiro to be the world's tallest statue.

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Shimla is now considered as the most polluted hill station in India. In order to maintain the glory of "Queen of the Hills", officials need to take some effective steps to solve this serious concern of pollution.

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