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10 Strange discoveries from Google Maps that left a lot of questions behind

Thanks to modern technology, you can not only learn interesting things from the comfort of your own home while sitting in our armchair, but we can also discover unparalleled discoveries, such as Google Maps satellite imagery.

The following interesting and many questions have been discovered by Internet users and we are now showing you what amazing things we can see on Google Maps satellite imagery - of course, if we know where to look for them.

1. Giant swim guy, even out of space.

10 Strange discoveries from Google Maps that left a lot of questions behind
Third party image reference

This huge water game is located in Australia - part of a beach theme park. We're sure the kids love it!

2. This is how the work of a small Nigerian village whose inhabitants produce salt from muddy ponds looks like from space.

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Each small lake is filled with water and contains special salt-containing clay. The salt water is then filtered and left in the sun, whereupon the moisture evaporates and only the salt crystals remain.

3. Unusual Playground.

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One of the strangest playgrounds in the world is located in Valencia, Spain. The lying Gulliver-shaped playground is a favorite among children - with many slides, climbing slides and secret passageways, just like an amusement park. Parents are not left out of the good either: they have a huge, wide bench in the shade where the children can be easily seen.

4. This labyrinth resembles the footprints of giants in a small English village in Hampshire. This is the longest maze in England!

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5. Ship between skyscrapers.

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What could bring this ship here? Maybe a tsunami? Or the work of a lame captain ?! In fact, it is a Hong Kong shopping mall - which, incidentally, looks beautiful at night when illuminated by lights.

6. Pyramid of Antarctica.

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The existence of this "pyramid" has been disputed for many years: some believe it is the legacy of an ancient civilization, others believe it is a remnant of the legendary Atlantis, and some believe that it is just an unusual but completely ordinary mountain.

7. This is what 70,000 Coca Cola bottles look like.

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The world's largest logo was created by the Coca-Cola Company back in 1986 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the world-famous brand.

8. Texas spaceship.

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No, this is not a photo of Area 51, just the work of Finnish architect Matti Suuronen. It was once considered a symbol of the future technology of mankind. Today, there are about 30 such unusual buildings in the world.

9. Huge Aircraft Collection.

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Located next to Nikola Tesla International Airport in Belgrade, this huge collection of aircraft is actually part of the Aviation Museum in Belgrade. Visitors can watch close to two hundred aircraft from here.

10. The oldest cat in South America.

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This geoglyph is about 9000 years old. Some say it depicts a Divine cat from another world. The drawing is in the Atacama Desert, where it hasn't rained for centuries - the driest place on the planet.

Image Source: Google Map

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