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10 Interesting facts about Artificial Intelligence

1 Only 15% of businesses use AI today, but 31% plan to add support for it over the next 12 months (according to Adobe’s 2018 Digital Intelligence Briefing).

10 Interesting facts about Artificial Intelligence
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2 According to Loup Ventures research, the industrial robotics market is expected to grow by 175% over the next decade.

3 In fact, the same Loup report states that 34% of the industrial robots sold by 2025 will be collaborative – designed to work safely alongside humans in factories and plants.

4 In North America, there were 32% more robots purchased in the first quarter of 2017 than at the same time the year before, according to the Robotic Industries Association.

5 In Europe between 1999 and 2010, the number of employees grew in tandem with automation, says Zew.

6 ABI Research predicts the collaborative robotics market will surge to $1 billion in total revenue by 2020, with over 40,000 cobots entering the industry.

7 Through a partnership with Locus Robotics, DHL expects to improve efficiency and productivity for their order fulfillment process. They expect the new system to improve picker speed, decrease rates of failure, and improve the overall efficiency of their supply chain.

8 According to an analysis by Deutsche Bank, Amazon’s cobots have reduced its operating expenses by 20%, and adding them to newly opened warehouses saves as much as $22 million in fulfillment costs each time.

9 One of the most prominent electronics and component manufacturers in the world, Foxconn, has converted 60,000 jobs into automated ones.

10 As mentioned in IDC’s Worldwide Healthcare IT 2017 Predictions report, there will be a 50% increase in the use of robotics for medical and healthcare delivery services by 2019.

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