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10 Insane Things Super-Rich People Bought, Just Because They Could

10 Insane Things Super-Rich People Bought, Just Because They Could

It is said that people with crazy amount of money, do crazy things and also buy crazy things. But sometimes it is just not acceptable by common people on why did they do it? From gold toilet seats to diamond studded handbags, these objects are weird in their own ways. But this does not stop here. There a lot of things that we common folks won’t even think of!

Here is a list of the strangest things rich people bought.

1. Gold pills that turn dump into gold.

Yes, you read that right. There are gold pills available that will make your poop look like gold. I don’t know what they do after they are done pooping, do they flush it or..

2. Gold bag.

3. Gold i-phone.

Stuart Hughes, a British luxurious jeweler made this piece at the price of $16,764,000, the phone is made from 24-carat gold, 26-carat black diamond and 600 precious stones.

4. Gold cycle.

This racing bike is covered with a lustrous layer of 24-karat gold. For the exquisite price of $500,000 you can buy this cycle for your own.

5. Million dollar perfume

Containing almost 3,000 precious stones arranged to the shape of New York City skyline, this perfume costs exactly 1 million dollars.

6. Diamond studded bathtubs.

Really people? A diamond studded bathtub.

7. Martian rock.

A rock from Mars, a rock from other planet. Because things are too cheap on earth.

8. Diamond dog collars.

Because even their pets deserve an A-class treatment and things.

9. Gold monopoly

This 18-karat gold and jewel-embedded Monopoly crafted by San Francisco jeweler Sidney Mobell in 1988 was estimated to worth $2 million dollars.

10. Submarine sports car.

No need to worry about traffic or traffic signals or police. All you need to worry about is sharks, maybe?

If i had this amount of money, i would only buy food. and maybe a gold plate to eat that in.

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