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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 57 Spoilers, Recap: Goku Returns To Earth, Joins Fight Against Moro’s Army

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 57 Spoilers, Recap: Goku Returns To Earth, Joins Fight Against Moro’s Army
Dash Toriyama/Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0 Cropped and Resized)

The latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super, which is titled “Battles Abound,” finally featured the to Earth to help his comrades and the Galactic Patrol defend the planet from Moro and his subordinates. After losing in their previous matchup against Moro, Son Goku and Vegeta decided to undergo different training programs. Son Goku chose to train with Galactic Patrol No. 1 elite Merus, who was later revealed to be a trainee angel sent to Universe 7 by Grand Priest.

After completing his training with Merus at the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Dragon Ball Super Chapter 57 showed Son Goku traveling back to Earth riding a spaceship. Though he’s still far away, Son Goku could already feel that there’s an ongoing commotion on his home planet. Unfortunately, as much as he wanted to join the fight, Son Goku couldn’t use Instant Transmission since he couldn’t sense any strong Ki.

Luckily, Krillin unleashed a strong amount of aura after being cornered by the fused version of Miza, Iwaza, and Kikaza. Despite noticing the huge difference in their battle power, Krillin still decided to face the female prisoners. He used his remaining energy to power up and though it didn’t help him beat the fused version of Miza, Iwaza, and Kikaza, it enabled Son Goku to use Instant Transmission and save him from the enemy.

However, though they have already defeated several members of Moro’s army, the warriors of the Earth still don’t hold the upper hand in the battle. A large number of prisoners may have already gone down, but there are still plenty of enemies that the warriors of the Earth need to face. Also, their leader, Moro, is just observing and yet to join the fight.

Moro was about to enter the battlefield in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 57, but he was stopped by his right-hand man, Saganbo, who volunteered to fight in his stead. Moro agreed, but he asked Saganbo to keep all the warriors of the Earth alive since he will snack on their life energy. Before Saganbo left, Moro gave him a gift that tremendously increased his power level.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 57 featured Saganbo engaging in a one-on-five fight against the warriors of the Earth. Despite being outnumbered, Saganbo still managed to overwhelm Son Gohan, Piccolo, Android 17, Android 18, and Jaco with his improved power. After helping Krillin and Master Roshi, Son Goku could go to Saganbo’s location next to give his friends a hand. Once he sees Son Goku, there’s a strong chance that Moro will finally make a move and start with his plan to destroy Earth.

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