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Top cities with the most COVID-19 cases in the US

Top cities with the most COVID-19 cases in the US

The Coronavirus pandemic is getting out of hand across the globe and the pandemic has shut down several activities including traveling. It is impossible to move around the globe I.e. no one can go on vacation except if you are not planning to travel out of your country. A lot of researches are being carried out to find a cure to the virus but the rate at which the virus is spreading is alarming. To be safe from this virus, you must stay away from infected individuals and of course follow all the guidelines that have been laid down by the government. The US is a good place to visit when it comes to seeing beautiful things as there are several beautiful places in the country but with the coronavirus pandemic, it is impossible to visit these beautiful places.

The good news is that everything will come back normal after the coronavirus pandemic. Don’t you think this is the right time for you to plan a future trip to the US? Of course, this is the right time to go online and get information about several places about your proposed destination. 50 states in the US give visitors the chance to pick from several options. Since you won’t have the time to explore every part of the country, the best way is to pick a few places that suit your choice of interest. Go online to get information about these places to enjoy your trip. Although the coronavirus pandemic is spreading at a very high speed in the US of which several cities have been shut down because of the pandemic but this should not stop you from planning a trip to the Country because there have some cities that have most cases of the virus but will be a good vacation destination when everything returns to normal after the virus. Such cities are perfect places to explore. Below are some cities in the US with the most cases of the coronavirus.

New York City – this is one of the cities with the most cases of coronavirus. There are more than thirty thousand cases of the virus in New York State of which the highest percentage comes from New York City. More than 1000 American citizens in New York have lost their lives to the deadly virus and the City is now on lockdown to prevent more spread. Hospitals in New York are getting filled up with coronavirus patients and everyone is scared because health workers are complaining of insufficient equipment. Although the government is trying to reduce the spread of the virus and course cure infected individuals before then, it is better to stay indoors.

The world is suffering because of the coronavirus pandemic, the current situation is getting worst see this Coronavirus Live Map in the U.S. and we must work together and fight the deadly virus because people are dying every day. The best way to fight the virus is to follow the guidelines that have been laid down by the government and staying at home at the same time. The government is trying to end the spread and the only way we can help is to isolate ourselves from strangers. Everything will certainly come back to normal but before then, we should join our hands together to fight the virus. Since you are planning to visit the US after the coronavirus pandemic, you should get to know more about the important documents needed by individuals traveling to the country. Apart from the documents, you will need to take a few steps before you can be allowed into the country thus, you should use this period to get useful information about the procedures needed to visit the US.

The esta is one of the documents that you will need before you can be allowed into the country. Also, it is for citizens of visa waiver program countries that want to travel to America. Travelling to america esta is important for such individuals. Therefore, you should check if you are eligible for the document. It is also important to carry out the ESTA application check online. You should confirm if you will need other documents like the international passport and other important documents. Use this period to gather enough information to save you the stress when you are ready to visit the country. You should always abide by the rules and regulations of your country because it will go a long way during your visa interview, if you are not eligible for an esta.

Los Angeles – this is another city in the US with the most cases of coronavirus. Also, the state of California is one of the few states in the US with the most cases of coronavirus of which Los Angeles is one of the top cities with the most cases. However, the government is trying to reduce the spread of the virus by providing needed equipment.

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